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As every developer I’m sharing my work (blog articles) to build my proffesional network. I do support other developers regarding my plugins and APEX related topics.

If you feel that you want to give me something in return, please consider possible ways of support described below. I will appreciate every single act of support. Thank you in advance!

Buy me a beer / whiskey via paypal donation

The easiest way to appreciate my work is doing donation via paypal.

Write LinkedIn recommendation

Go to my LinkedIn profile and in section recommendations post small summary in what area I have helped you. You can also endorse my skills listed in my profile.

Write Your Success Story

I would love to share your success story regarding my plugins here on my webpage. If you are intereseted in sharing your success story please write small summary with optional information about your application. To do so, please send me an e-mail with tittle “Plugins Success Story” and provide as many informations you want. For example:

  • for what sector application(s) was built
  • company name (and webpage) you work for
  • what requirement you have met using my plugins
  • what plugins you have used
  • your proffesional title / linkedin / twitter link

If you need inspiration have a look at Oracle APEX success stories.

Like the plugin at

Go to, log into your account, go to Plug-ins page and give like to my plugins you are using.