Bartosz Ostrowski Oracle APEX developer

Hi! My name is Bartosz Ostrowski and I am Oracle APEX developer since 2012.

My journey with Oracle APEX started in Pretius company where I started developing applications using Oracle APEX 3. When Pretius clients upgraded to version 4.1 I have started building Oracle APEX plugins to fulfill the need for more complex functionalities which weren’t available as native APEX components. Most of my plugins were created on behalf of Pretius and are available to the community for free at – learn more about it in My contribution page.

Since 2017 I have stared giving lectures about Oracle APEX plugins at APEX conferences such as ODTUG KSCOPE, APEX Connect, APEX Alpe Adria and POUG.

My conferences badges as atendee and speaker

Through this time I have been honoured with title Member of the month at (December 2016 and April 2019) and I have won APEX Competition at APEX Connect 2019 with my latest plugin APEX Enhanced LOV item.

1st price in APEX Competition 2019

After APEX Alpe Adria 2019 me and my colleague Przemysław were participating in Juergen Schuster podcast called The Oracle APEX talkshow. If you want to learn more go to and listen (or download mp3) podcast called “Second Line of Defense: Przemysław Staniszewski & Bartosz Ostrowski”.

the oracle apex talkshow by @JuergenSchuster

My plugins are used around the world and most known is Pretius Nested Reports. I recieve a lot of feedback and questions about advanced usage of my plugins. Because of that I have decided to start blogging so I can share the knowledge with everyone who is interested in ehancing Oracle APEX.

I hope that thanks to my blog posts you will learn how powerfull plugins are and it will convice you to use them in your projects.


In my private time I do climbing, roller blades, yachting, skiing and kite surfing.